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Dial A Battery is your One-Stop-Shop that specializes in providing ‘on-the-spot’ automotive services. Our goal is to get you moving and back on the road as soon as possible. Our services include Car Battery Solutions.

A battery is the heart & soul of your car. To have a longer battery life, your car battery diagnostics & regular maintenance should be taken care of. Because the last thing you want is to be left stranded with sudden car breakdowns or a dead car battery. Thus, choosing the right car battery replacement service is quite essential these days.

When an old battery dies, you must be decisive and selective when it comes to a new car battery. Car battery replacement is unavoidable, no matter how well you care for them, they will only last for 3-4 years.

And especially today when modern cars are equipped with advanced electronic systems. Many aspects of your car depend completely on the strength of the battery from powering up your car to lighting up your road.


For Car Battery Replacement/Service in Abu Dhabi

Car Battery Service in Abu Dhabi

  • Battery Repair
  • Battery Replacement
  • Battery Inspection
  • Charging System Lights
  • Jump Start Battery
  • Battery Maintenance





Enjoy Value-Added Car Battery Services In Dubai

Battery is one of the most important part of your car. You can’t imagine driving the vehicle with a faulty or dead battery as it can be a great risk to your vehicle’s entire electrical system. If you are noticing any of these issues in your battery like regular need for a jump start, electrical equipment malfunction, or dashboard warning lights, it’s time to visit Quick Fit Auto Center. We have a team of Car Battery Experts and an inventory of All Top Battery brands to compatible with your luxury and exotic car models, ensuring your vehicle keeps running at its optimal for long.

  • Is Your Car Broken Down Due to Battery? Quick Fit Auto Center can Repair or Replace your Car Battery. We are having specialized technicians diagnose your car battery and provide your roadside assistant to get you back on road anytime, anywhere. We Provide Free delivery and Battery Installation in Dubai. Our team is Specialized in all car models, auto-electrical and mechanical repairs. We Guarantee Fastest Car Battery replacement service.
  • For Car Battery Replacement Always Trust The Experts: Do you need a New Car Battery? Quick Fit Car Battery Replacement Service provides roadside assistance that gets you back on the road fast.
  • Find Car Battery Service Near Me: We are giving Car Battery Replacement Service to our precious client all over the UAE. Just contact us with your location.
  • How Long Should A Car Battery Last? The life of a battery depends on its use, installation, and recharging system. Under or Overcharging can because of Shorter Battery life.
  • When Do I Need to Replace My Car Battery? If you are Unable to Start your Car, If Your Battery Warning Light Is Illuminated, If Electrical Components Within Your Vehicle Are Not Working.


  • Dim Lights & Electrical Issues

If the battery is losing its charge it will have a harder time running the electronics in your vehicle at full power. The more things you plug into your car while driving the faster your battery will die. 

  • Slow Starting Engine

Over time, the components inside your battery will wear out and become less effective. When this happens it takes the battery longer to create a charge for the starter and you’ll have to wait a few extra seconds for the engine to turn over. 

  • About Battery Size 

A mismatched battery/alternator combo could cause your alternator to overheat and shorten its life.

  • Get To Know Your Car Battery Size

Then you can shop from our huge collection of battery brands that fits your car better and your budget as well.


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